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Volume I: Web Protection


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Our training is customized per client. We do not use any template or "canned" materials as every office and individual has different needs and preferences. Some is formal, some informal. Some is heavy on paper and reference materials, others focus on watching and note taking. It depends entirely on the learning preference of our customer, and it works well.

• Individual training on any subject important to you. On location.
• Migration from Windows to Open Source alternatives.
• Online auction practices and proven techniques. (Marketing, hosting, packaging, shipping, contacts, picture optimization, etc)
• Advanced “Getting around” (Directories/file structure, options, default locations, procedures)
• Business productivity applications. (MS Office, Open Office, etc).
• Website design, Audio/Video/Photography applications.
• Computer maintenance and updating (Scandisk/Defrag, OS updates, cleanup, partitioning)
• Network administration, user setup/rights, directories/mappings.


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