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Infallible Trinity Series
Volume I: Web Protection


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How can I keep my PC/Network safe!?

With so many viruses, trojans, spyware, and other nefarious evils running rapid, it's difficult for the average user to steer clear of them. There are reports that 80% of home users have some sort of these problems with or without their knowledge.

There are however some good ideas to keep in mind and steps to take to help ward them off, keeping security at top priority.

Keep my PC or network safe!
• Security generally coincides with technology. New = Safer.
• Run virus and spyware checkers and, keep them constantly updated.
• Run a hardware AND software firewall, keep them updated.
• Don’t load programs you are not familiar with.
• Minimize access for email and web surfing.
• Tighten browser and email client’s security settings. Turn off JavaScript, cookies, etc.
• Tighten sharing and eliminate unneeded shares or services.
• Tweak system settings like TCP/IP, NetBIOS, and related protocols.
• Modify Account, Password, Group Policies, Security Options.
• Change most settings from default.
• Unload unused services.
• Keep multiple users on one PC to a minimum.


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