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Volume I: Web Protection


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Why is my computer slow!?

Generally I run into the same gripes and complaints wherever I go. Corporate networks or at home, computer users all want the same things. Depending on what stage the computer user is in, I can expect a variety of needs.

While everyone wants speed and ease of use, the seasoned users tend to want many technologies available to them or their staff maintaining blistering speed and ungodly security. Newer folks desire one thing at a time, and not have to remember a bunch of stuff.

For now, the help is geared for the somewhat enthusiastic computer user. This would be the equivalent of a weekend chef, someone who is interested enough to do a bit of reading on the subject to make a nice meal and maybe even form some new cooking habits, but not enough to host “Emeril Live”.

Here’s a quick summary of what you can do to make your experiences with computers as fail-safe and enjoyable as possible…

Make my PC or Network fast!
Speed generally coincides with technology. New = Faster.
Run Scandisk once a month minimum.
Run Drive Defragmenter once a month minimum.
Don’t load programs you are not familiar with.
Don’t load programs you won’t constantly use.
Uninstall unused programs.
Nothing fancy – no themes, indexing, animated windows, fades, high-maintenance file systems.
Tweak system settings like:
- Bios
- Swap/Page file, proper performance settings
- Screen area, resolution, color depth
- Display effects, folder settings
- Sounds, Multimedia
Unload unused/unneeded services.
Know your hardware and keep it updated with latest software or firmware.
Keep Operating System and software updated.
Ensure old hardware drivers/software unloaded.
When it’s unbearable, Clean-Slate it! Nothing makes a PC faster.


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