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Volume I: Web Protection


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Online Auctions

We help beginners and professionals get the most from their computer, and open a worldwide marketplace to them. In this case, Online Auctions!

We can help setup your online auction business from starting to maintaining, and cover every base. We've done it many times, and you can see us personally in action at

• Things that don’t sell well locally, sell well online. You sell to the entire connected world. Every item has an audience.
• Get higher prices from online bids due to higher regional values across the country.
• You can get shipping boxes and supplies delivered to your door – Everything completely free!
• You can setup a home post office and never leave the house.
• Can sell any kind of item. If it's sellable, it can go on the block. Everything sells.
• You can accept credit card payments online without a merchant account, its international and economical.
• From online bids, you will find specific people looking for the things you sell and will have repeat buyers in weeks.


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