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Sight and Sound – Multimedia Sites

With the abundance of online-auction, music and graphics-heavy sites, we offer multimedia services for site building or otherwise. The bulk of the work I do in this area involves optimizing sounds, graphics, and music for the web, but I’ve done projects involving restoring recordings, and photography for web display. Special care must be paid attention to sound, as it needs to come across true from a variety of speakers (headphones, mono, 2 speakers, 4 speakers, 5.1, etc), and the majority of web designers don’t have this skill (mixing and mastering). We also are skilled in photography and design, and use many tricks of the trade such as rule of thirds, depth of field, golden ratio, etc. Here’s a basic list of media-centric services we do:

• Create and optimize Graphics and Sounds for web-friendliness.
• Create custom sounds with unlimited royalty-free use.
• Professional photography and optimizing for web display with unlimited royalty-free use.
• Restore audio recordings (old tape, videocassette, pc based, etc)
• Restore photographs.


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