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Volume I: Web Protection


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How do I Keep my costs down?

Though not what many like to hear, the best way to keep your costs down is to have it setup correctly, maintained occasionally, break a few bad habits and learn a few good habits. It's not very difficult, but often people don't realize this is what's needed until after they have problems.

My most requested service is a quarterly checkup, where I come out every 3 months to do a variety of proactive measures at a reduced hourly cost. This allows me to know of problems before or soon after they happen, as well as keeping the computers running smooth and the people happy. This is also my recommendation for anyone who needs their computers and networks working around the clock, has employees who aren't as savvy, or has data that needs backed up and maintained.

• Know your hardware, your software, and everyone's general aptitude of the PCs and technology they use, or have someone around who does.
•Keep all important information close at hand and have an offsite version as well. ISP numbers, IP addresses, Diagrams, Emergency services, etc.
• Know when to buy at local stores, and when to buy online.
• Prevent it from breaking – the more “bells and whistles”, the more can go wrong.
• Have a backup plan – data and manpower. Keep data offsite, and a good technician on the rolodex.


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