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Lead Engineer

I consider myself very much with the head of the crowd when it comes to information technology, and bring 21 years of professional working experience. In 1989, I was already a computing “veteran” of eight years. The TI994A was my first computer in 1981, then Commodore 64, Amiga, x86, etc.

In 1989 I took a job in the United States Air Force in England to work in the largest communications facility in Europe doing the same things I do today – Computers and Wide Area Networks – so started my professional career.

I earned a Top Secret SBI/SCI clearance after the FBI guys finished their several-month rounds to anyone who knew me, countless others who didn’t. This is the pinnacle of clearances, only a few places employ such sensitive work, is extremely costly and hard to earn. I consider it a bonus, but many hinge their careers on it.

After I was cleared, trained, and working in my field, I became the lead trainer on our specialty and devised many new efficient methods and procedures, possibly still employed today. I went on honorably in 1994 to pursue various computer and network related venues until taking a job at GTech in Austin, TX. Gtech ran the Texas State’s Lottery’s state-wide network and for several more years shed blood and sweat for my insatiable computing desire.

I went on to work for the largest wireless provider “to the providers” as their lead Cisco engineer, setting up all their internal and external networks. Crown Castle leases wireless towers to all the names you are familiar with, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Nextel, Sprint, etc.

And now I bring affordable Information Technology services to my community around Pittsburgh, PA. I'm based in Canonsburg, and work in a 50 mile radius give or take a few miles.

Throughout my experience I’ve helped many people find their careers with some aspect of information technology, and this is in my opinion my greatest achievement of all – I am one of many responsible for furthering the Information Age – by taking a personal hand in it and doing my part to contribute when opportunities arise...


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