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Senior Network Engineer with 21 years professional experience in LAN/WAN and telecommunications fields. Highlights include Lead Network Engineer for one of the largest U.S. wireless service providers, Network Administrator for the Texas State Lottery, and Communication Computer Systems Control Specialist for the United States Air Force. Achieved a Top Secret SCI/SBI clearance for sensitive work at Croughton, UK's AUTODIN (Automatic Digital Network) where 90% of the United States government and military data passed to and from CONUS. This security clearance guarantees qualified and competent confidentiality. Microsoft Certified Professional ( WinNT / Win2000 track). Training includes ICRC, ACRC, MCSE, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Foundations, Windows NT/2000 Optimization and Troubleshooting, NT/2000 Server Management, Administering NT/2000, a few dozen CBT's, many accredited military career (networking and electronics) courses, and countless experiences books can't teach. More about me here.



Network Engineer with 15 years experience in the LAN/WAN and telecommunications fields. Highlights include Network Design Engineer for school districts in Texas and Telecommunications Technical Trainer for the Texas State Lottery network. Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA). Training includes ICRC, ACRC, DCN, LAN/WAN Matrix switching: Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Operator; Fujitsu FLM-150/600 SONET ring applications, Frame Relay and Essentials of Wide Area Networking. Current focus is web-based services and storefronts, following many highly successful implementations the past decade.


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