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Infallible Trinity Series
Volume I: Web Protection


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Do my problems warrant technical help?

There are no simple answers to be found without a fair amount of investigation into the problems you are experiencing. You may just need a driver update to get an application to work correctly, or you may have hundreds of viruses or trojans sending out your personal information every time you log on. The sheer amount of problems PC's experience make it impossible to troubleshoot without physically eliminating what it definitely "isn't". The best technical troubleshooter is the one who instinctively knows what to eliminate, and fast.

There are, however, many proactive methods that can resist a majority of the most common ailments. I'm building those documents on the left side of your screen to help squash potential issues before they happen.

Of course, Iím a PC Doctor. And like any Illness Specialist I have many medicines and suggestions on how you should care for your PC. As a veteran of killing ills, I know what to expect after your routine checkups. I recognize you might floss for a week afterwards, but fully expect your old habits to take back their rightful place.

And the best piece of advice I can give you is this:
If you care about your personal information or important data, and you think you have a problem, don't hesitate to call someone.


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