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With so many people offering various services and know-how, I thought it might be nice to put a bit of information at your fingertips. Mind you it’s only a smidgeon of the resource that I am, but it’s free and might get you thinking…

Computers are simply a means to an end. They run daily tasks, save important work, communicate with other PC’s, and perform many more critical functions without the user needing to know much about how it works. They’re in constant daily use simply to take their owners from point A to point B – just like a car. And just like a car, they can go without maintenance for only so long before problems start appearing.

The first signs that a computer may need some help are its speed and responsiveness. It may take long to boot up where it was faster in the past. Programs that used to load almost instantly can now be counted seconds. Internet (HTML) pages seem sluggish. Secondary signs include “BLUE SCREEN” errors or failures to boot up on first try. Applications mysteriously quit with cryptic error messages. The mouse stops moving and the computer just stops. All of these are just some of the possibilities for error. And since it is impossible to figure out why it happened, it’s best to concentrate on how to prevent it.


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