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Computer and Internet Solutions is a Pittsburgh based information technology Company. We've been in business for 9 years -- our lead engineer has been working the field professionally for over 20 years. We specialize in Computers, Networks, Websites, Online auctions, and Training.

What makes us unique?

Security/Confidentiality. A Top Secret SCI/SBI security clearance is extremely difficult to obtain, as its one of the highest clearances possible when working with specialized government data, and costs about $80,000 for the work involved in mining an individual's background and verifying their integrity. And this is exactly what I earned when working with highly sensitive information technology in the United States Air Force.

This means you can trust me to work confidentially with your business, your employees, your clients, and your data.

Technical experience. We have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in IT, and credentials to prove it. Paramount to be able to "see the whole picture" when consulting, get the problem fixed fast when troubleshooting, and answer any question when training.

Which translates to spending less money while getting the best possible resolutions.

Effective communication. "Effective" communication between the tech and the client is paramount. The tech must understand the client's needs. The client needs to know what exactly the tech does for them, and why.


Our extensive interpersonal communications background puts us in the top of the communications department - something we find lacking in most IT companies.

Clients include Doctor offices, Lawyer firms, Medical Billing Agencies, Retail sites, Inventory warehousing, Tri-state Auto Auctions, etc. We also service many Internet-only stores and services.

Aside from businesses, we also are entrusted to many home offices. We occasionally will service private homes depending on their needs - feel free to call and ask.

We service all of the Pittsburgh area including Canonsburg, Cecil, McDonald, McMurray, Bridgeville, Washington, and surrounding areas.

References gladly given upon request.


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